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PUBG Mobile marches on after hitting 100 million downloads

Published: 12:52, 17 August 2018
PUBG Mobile poster showing three in-game characters
PUBG Mobile

Tencent and PUBG Corp announced that PUBG's "little" mobile brother has managed to rack up 100 million downloads since it launched on 19 March 2018, which is quite impressive considering that this doesn't include China, Japan and Korea.

That's 100 million downloads in just four months on the App Store and Google Play, which is pretty impressive. Granted, PUBG has become a household name in the world of gaming by now and some of it was bound to brush off on PUBG Mobile but still.

PUBG Corp said that the game has surpassed 14 million daily active users recently, again excluding China, Japan and Korea, which means they've since 18 May 2018. While it is true that mobile games tend to score higher number of daily active users, what with the inherent mobility of iOS and Android, it's an impressive figure nevertheless.

When it comes to popularity numbers, PUBG Mobile happened to blow the mobile competition right out of the water in more than 100 countries across the globe, where it ended up being the most downloaded app upon launch. In fact, with Fortnite's iOS launch preceding PUBG Mobile, PUBG Corp wasted no time in providing screenshots of their game beating Fortnite in the number of downloads on iOS.

Unfortunately for PUBG Mobile, the popularity numbers didn't really translate to revenue in the PUBG vs. Fortnite mobile saga. Fortnite's iOS version in its first monetised week, whereas PUBG Mobile's combined iOS and Android revenue barely managed $1 million in the equivalent period.

Moreover, Fortnite's mobile revenue has been per day, whereas PUBG Mobile only has $650. Perhaps it would be a wise time for Greene and Co to revise their business model. And perhaps fix the PC version of PUBG while they're at it, if it's not too much to ask.

Tencent Games A group of armed people on the poster for Tencent's PUBG Mobile PUBG Mobile

Having said that, it would be extremely unfair to end this piece with Fortnite comparisons because PUBG Mobile's development team has really been doing a great job in listening to the community and implementing useful features. Hopefully, the PC division takes a hint.

PUBG Mobile, a mobile take on PUBG by PUBG Corp and Tencent

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