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PUBG Lite, PUBG's free-to-play sibling, launches in October

Published: 04:53, 27 September 2019
Updated: 11:12, 27 September 2019
PUBG Lite Poster showing one male and two female characters

It's been a while since PUBG Corp decided to convert PUBG Mobile's mischievous mouse and keyboard users into regular players by launching free-to-play PUBG Lite, and now it's time for a global launch, starting with Russia and EU in October.

Their decision was quite a clever one too, as they play into a business opportunity in one clever swoop. Not only did they not alienate the mischievous PC players - they made sure they stayed on board by launching PUBG Lite. 

Having initially launched only in Thailand, the company quickly followed up with SEA regions. Brazil and Turkey were taken care of in May, while most of the rest of the world gets it on 10 October 2019. You can find the exact list of countries on .  

"For the other regions, please kindly note that we don't have specific release plan yet. However, we are planning to expand our service in many other countries. We will share through our official channels when we have ", the dev wrote.

As for the game itself, PUBG Lite is a free-to-play and low-spec version of its bigger brother, and it was pretty clever not to jump the gun on ban hammers, and instead realise that many of these players didn't have the hardware to run the actual version. 

PUBG Lite development director Minkyu Park said, "Since its conception, PUBG Lite has been designed to be a version of our game that is accessible to gamers with low specification computers and while providing the same sophistication in action and gunplay experience of the original PUBG game".

PUBG Lite has the same 100-player battle royale mode, as well as the new 4v4 mode. The latter revolves around two teams fighting to 40 kills in a tightly packed warehouse. 

Bluehole Picture of a person running around in PUBG Lite PUBG Lite

As you'd expect, PUBG Lite offers a season pass and special in-game currency, as lower specs are no excuse for not looking your best. Of course, the cosmetics are purely cosmetic, i.e. they have no effect on gameplay, just like in the original game.

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