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PUBG Corp admit PUBG has fallen short in more ways than one

Published: 10:18, 28 May 2018
Updated: 11:50, 24 September 2018
A wooden barn with a couch inside from PUBG map Sanhok

Seriously, I had to re-check whether I was looking at either one of PUBG Corp's earlier dev updates, because they seem to really like announcing performance updates and aggressive anti-cheat measures without actually following up on them.

PUBG Corp took to their Steam page to announce the changes, claiming that they've mostly been focused on team-building since PUBG 1.0 arrived. Greene and Co think that while they've made some important improvements along the way, they've "fallen short in other ways".

However, PUBG Corp is adamant this is about to change, revealing the steps the company will take in the following months, most notably in performance and cheating departments. They've broken down the work to performance, server-side optimisation and cheating.

PUBG's performance has dropped somewhat seriously lately but Greene and Co have managed to put their finger on a few quick fixes. Apparently, quickly driving over different surfaces in PUBG tends to overload GPUs with too many effects. The way lighting effects are processed is another issue, both of which are being worked on currently.

If the company are to be believed, Greene's battle royale brainchild will be getting a slew of server and client-side optimisations in the upcoming months, This includes optimising network code and reducing latency on servers, as well as tweak client-side rendering and processing, so as to ensure a smoother performance.

An now to our favourite PUBG promise of all time - addressing cheaters. Now, we all know why Greene and Co will never be fixing this, although you can't really say it out loud for sounding incredibly fascist. In case you're feigning ignorance, go to any post or interview that even remotely features Greene and read the comments - you'll find it among the first 10, I promise.

Instead of waiting for major patches, PUBG updates will now be rolling out on live servers "whenever fixes are ready". The game is getting a new map called Sanhok before June and the company is already teasing images of the map. It will include the Asian variant of the Trotter-mobile, called the Tukshai.

PUBG Corp A model of a vehicle from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PUBG

If you're interested in sifting through the latest round of PUBG promises, you can find the .

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