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PUBG Corp ban 12 professional players over cheating

Published: 12:06, 10 January 2019
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PUBG Corp have announced that they'll be issuing bans for 12 pro players of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the grounds of using or condoning cheating, with the bans including two-year and three-year suspensions from competitive play.

"Through a global investigation of currently active competitive PUBG players, we discovered that ten players have received in-game bans due to the usage of an unauthorized program, the type of which has been severely damaging the integrity of the game of PUBG", the company wrote.

PUBG Corp insists that their investigation was thorough and "every ban is indeed conclusive", having started conducting it on 19 December 2018. Furthermore, any claims of hacked or borrowed accounts are out of the question, the company wrote.

The statement does not say exactly why the players were banned but if the earlier bans are anything to go by, we seem to be looking at so-called radar hacking, wall hacking's close relative. PUBG Corp have already swung the banhammer on more than in December, including some pros who've admitted to the method.

Two players of the aforementioned 12 have been found guilty of condoning cheating, seeing as how they've been aware of their teammates' radar hacking. Nevertheless, PUBG Corp was pretty firm about it, hitting them with a 2-year suspension, just a year less than actual cheaters.

Same goes for the four PUBG players who only used these cheats in public but non-competitive games, while the remaining six have been slapped with a 3-year suspension for radar hacking in online professional matches.

"Cheating in a professional competition is one of the least sportsmanlike behavior that a pro player can exhibit, so we are issuing one of the severest penalties we have ever issued, in order to match our zero tolerance policy on cheating", the company wrote.

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As a result of the bans, one team will lose its contender spot, although PUBG Corp insists they'll be allowed to return with a different roster, as there's no evidence of team-wide cheating. Other teams will merely have to replace cheaters in order to contend.

You can find the full announcement .

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