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PUBG Corp has made $920 million in revenue in 2018

Published: 19:56, 22 April 2019
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PUBG Corp have reported their financials and over the course of 2018, the company has raked in $920 million in revenue, $310 million of which was pure profit. The master race accounted for most, with mobile and consoles pretty far behind.

PUBG Corp are, of course, a subsidiary of South Korean developer Bluehole, and the company was basically formed specifically to handle PUBG's development.

As we said, PC players are responsible for the biggest chunk of this, which is $790 million. Pretty impressive, especially considering that most market reports claim consoles are the biggest spenders.

In fact, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One accounted for mere $58 million, but since PUBG's PS4 version came in December 2018, we're basically looking at Xbox One numbers. We reckon the company's console performance will get much better in 2019, when Sony crowds start chipping in. 

As far as mobile goes, $65 million would normally be considered disappointing but that's because Tencent developed and published PUBG Mobile, which is doing more than well.

In fact, back in September 2018, just as PUBG's Steam edition slipped under a million concurrent players for the first time in a year, PUBG Mobile's development team rolled out Sanhok and a trailer celebrating a milestone.

To be fair though, Tencent have been doing a great job on PUBG Mobile and it's not every day you hear about mobile games with $ esports competitions.

Back to PUBG Corp though, we're sure the company are hoping for an even better year in 2019, which should be almost guaranteed if they manage to do a decent job with the game's servers. 

Unfortunately, it's been a while since we've had anything nice to say about PUBG's PC performance, and it seems things aren't much better on the console side.

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