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Bluehole have silently introduced deathmatch to PUBG, called War Mode

Published: 17:07, 06 April 2018
Two players are running away from an explosion in PUBG.

Bluehole have added a new game mode for PUBG, simply called ''War''. Oddly enough, this mode slipped in silently, without an announcement but it's possible PUBG Corp didn't want to take the spotlight from the time-limited Tequila Sunrise.

War mode almost slipped under the radar with Tequila Sunrise being officially announced as the time-limited mode but nothing escapes the internet sleuths, including the War mode. YouTube user norovnog posted several videos of him playing the War mode which seems to be a Team Deathmatch type of game. Looting still seems to be a part of the experience but players don't parachute out of the plane with empty inventory.

As you can see in the videos, War mode apparently has several ''sub-modes''. While fighting on Erangel, all players drop out of the plane with an SMG and a sidearm in their inventory. It is later seen in the video that norovnog loots an LMG from a dead body. The second video, seen below, showcases the ''Sniper mode'' where players get dropped out of the plane with a Ghilie suit, Kar98k and a Glock.

There is no indication of a regular free-for-all deathmatch, as both videos show the player being a part of a team. Speaking of teams, the sniper video features a sniper shootout between two teams of 10 players each. The fun part here is that all 10 of them teamed up in the lobby, it's not two teams of four randomly paired with each other and another two players.

This mode is only available in Custom games though, so only developers, select streamers and community members can host a game. There is still no official announcement by either Bluehole or PUBG Corp but it might come soon, as the mode is proving to be rather popular since all the available servers are completely crowded.

Bluehole Promotional image for PUBG's time-limited Tequila Sunrise mode. PUBG Tequila Sunrise promotional image

There is another time-limited mode that was announced though, called Tequila Sunrise which will be played only on Miramar. Weapon choices will be limited to melee weapons and shotguns and it is already underway. Tequila Sunrise will last until  8 April 7pm PDT for USA ; 9 April 4am CEST for Europe and 9 April 11AM KST.

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