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PUBG's latest update overhauls grenades and molotovs, nerfs M24

Published: 13:55, 31 May 2018
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PUBG Corp have decided to overhaul the throwables in their latest update, granting grenades higher damage and larger range, whereas molotovs will now spread fire on the players' surroundings, making them more viable than they currently are.

PUBG Corp are well aware the molotovs "have traditionally been among the least popular items in the game", hence the changes. Molots will now inflict direct and burn damage, with fire spreading on wooden surfaces too. Burning surroundings inflict debuffs on the poor sods who catch fire and they'll explode when shot. Molotovs, not players.

PUBG Corp's says the reason for the overhaul of frag grenades was that their usability was significantly reduced by the recent nerf, which removed its knockback effects. Frag grenades will now deal lethal damage within 3.5 meters, up from earlier 2.6 meters.

Stun grenades were even less popular than molotovs, not least due to PUBG Corp's tinkering with audio effects. Now however, they'll be affecting everything - sight, hearing and accuracy and all that up to 20 meters. You'll also be able to tell when the enemy is stunned, thanks to new animations and aiming down sights while stunned is disabled.

Being stunned will depend on your viewpoint and distance from the explosion, with the time of being stunned ranging from maximum 5.5 seconds in the eye of the storm, to one second when 20 meters away. Even if you turn away though, you'll be hit by an indirect effect, which can blind you up to three seconds.

The company also said that M24 is getting nerfed and removed from care packages. Instead, it will be added to world spawn loot tables, so as to "make it a viable alternative to the Kar98k (that players actually get to use)."

PUBG Corp New areas of effect of grenades and molotovs in PUBG PUBG

We've got to admit though, PUBG Corp finding time to fix some of their game is impressive, because we expected to see against the thieving scoundrels from Epic Games. As usual, the update has a bunch of bug fixes, which you can check out in PUBG's .

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