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PUBG Labs is focusing on improving Arena Mode, adds TPP

Published: 02:40, 14 January 2021
PUBG - Arena Mode
PUBG - Arena Mode

PUBG's attempt at having a Counter-Strike clone mode has received feedback during its earlier run and now the developers are trying to incorporate and test the additions through PUBG Labs.

PUBG already had a test run of the Arena Mode where many players asked for the inclusion of third-person perspective (TPP). With the latest update on PUBG Labs, the testing on this mode has begun as the devs are trying to figure out the new gameplay patterns the different perspective brings and balance the game around it.

Besides third-person, the players mostly requested the default weapon to be changed as P1911 didn't really stand a chance against the purchased armaments. The default weapon will now be P18C as the devs are hoping that the automatic fire will help players who didn't purchase a gun stand a chance against the well-armed opponents.

Some other quality of life changes have been made as well. For example, end of round points earned for both wins and losses have been decreased and scoring a kill now awards 100, down from 150. 

This change will probably enhance combating the leaver handicap since the teams with fewer players will earn more kill points, depending on their squad size. In theory, this should result in the smaller squads having better gear, which should even the odds a bit.

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Furthermore, losing a round also gives a small point bonus for the next round in order to mitigate the inability to be competitive after losing a round.

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