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PUBG's free weekend on Steam is coming soon

Published: 14:25, 29 May 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Free Weekend
PUBG - Free Weekend

PUBG is joining the #PlayApartTogether movement by holding a free weekend event. The event will also see the game enjoy a 50 per cent discount, for everyone who wants to continue going after the chicken dinner.

PUBG is having a free weekend on Steam. PUBG Corporation were inspired to throw the free event by the ongoing  pandemic:

"As safety measures surrounding COVID-19 continue to keep people in their homes, the #PlayApartTogether message remains just as important. To further support this industry-wide initiative, we’re running a PUBG Free Play Weekend on Steam."

PUBG free weekend details

The free weekend will kick off on June 04 at 5:00 p.m. GMT and go on until June 08, at the same time. Everyone is welcome to give PUBG a shot.

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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Dino Park on Vikendi map

The game will also be available for purchase at a 50 per cent reduced price. This will give you a chance to go at the game's new ranked mode .

"We know these times are difficult, but keeping yourself and others safe during this pandemic is important" concludes the free weekend announcement. 

PUBG free weekend fast facts

  • Start: June 04 at 5:00 p.m. GMT
  • End: June 08 at 5:00 p.m. GMT
  • The 50 per cent discount will only be available during the Free Play Weekend event.
  • In-game purchasing will not be available until after purchasing the full game.
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