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PUBG breaks another Steam record, first with 1m CCU for a year

Published: 11:50, 10 September 2018
Steam digital platform logo, PUBG logo and pot of gold
PUBG, Steam's 3rd top earner

No, it's not for the longest ignored community in the world - PUBG is actually the first game to boast no less than one million concurrent players for the duration of an entire year, a feat which the company "started" in September 2017.

This Steam and PUBG love story has been ongoing for a while now, with even GabeN himself citing Greene's game to be Steam's in the history of the platform. Even though it may seem unimpressive at a glance, this particular piece of statistic shows that masochism exists and that they, or should I say we, will persist until the end.

On a more serious note, PUBG has lost significant ground to Fortnite but Greene and Co are far from down and out. Let's face it, even H1Z1 struck lucky by taking advantage of PUBG's absence from PlayStation 4. They snatch a mere piece of the cake and they're doing great.

Nevertheless, that PS4 cash is probably calling to PUBG Corp by now. There have been rumours of PUBG , fuelled by a Microsoft's video clip that showed Sony's console presumably in testing. Oh the irony.

In the meantime, Greene shared some pro advice on how to get those chicken dinners. He advised players that they needn't always look for fights because "it's about winning. How you get there is completely up to you". Again ironically, this pretty much sums up PUBG's launch too.

Consider the fact that PUBG has launched and that Fortnite is still in early access. Consider the massive gap in standards. Contemplate it for a minute and fight the need to soothe the pain with a loot box. No, two does not circumvent that rule.

Ruskalaka / Reddit Upcoming map for PUBG codenamed simply Snow Map PUBG, Snow Map

In related news, it seems that data miners have already cracked open some files and dug up the upcoming snow map, which coincides with Brendan's announcement of a map that will be between Erangel and Sanhok in terms of size. You can check it out in more detail on reddit, over .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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Dino Park on Vikendi map

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