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PUBG's new time limited Flare Gun game mode is underway on PC

Published: 11:09, 01 April 2018
Player is calling for a supply drop with a flare gun.
PUBG - Flare Gun

PUBG players can enjoy the new time limited game mode, called Flare Gun mode, until 03:00 GMT on 2 April or 19:00 PDT on 1 April 2018. This mode features the new Flare Gun and will be available on everyone's favourite map - Miramar.

Flare Gun mode is now underway on PC, and the eponymous Flare Gun will be found only in ''small single-story houses throughout the map''. There will be only a limited of these guns that will spawn per game and once used, they will call in an air drop on your location. The crate will include two standard care package weapons, a piece of level 3 armour and the regular care package supplies.

Now, this may be obvious but you can't exactly shoot the flare into the ground in order to signal the plane. You will have to aim it vertically and the flare will have to reach the altitude of 200 meters before the plane will move to your location. It will be interesting to see how this addition changes the players' strategies as the item can be a great boon if you get to loot the crate, or it can be a great pain in your behind if the air drop attracts half the players on the map. The latter part doesn't have to be a downside though, as it can also be used as bait.

AltChar An aerial shot of an aeroplane flying in game PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Dropping in three, two, one.

Squads in this mode will have the regular four player limit. The official on Steam also has a picture showing three types of buildings that the gun will spawn in. However, it is not mentioned if these three buildings will be the only ones that have a chance to contain the item.

Flare Gun mode is the second time limited event, since the first one was the mode last weekend kicked things off. This means there are now two modes in the rotating game mode pool, but there are no indications from PUBG Corp on how many modes there will be in total.

PUBG Corp A gun with several yellow components from the game PUBG PUBG - Year One SCAR

For those not in the loop, the time limited modes aren't the only new additions to PUBG, as the game recently added the weapon skin functionality. In the first anniversary celebration, PUBG is giving away free SCAR-L .

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