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PUBG Event Mode goes live, brings 8 man squads that you can't play with friends

PUG Corp
Eight characters in PUBG are posing with their guns on and around an SUV.
PUBG - Event Mode with 8 player squads

You want to play PUBG with 7 friends in your squad? Too bad, the game's lobby supports only up to 4 player squads so the remaining 4 in your squad will be randoms. Looks like PUBG Corp continue releasing half finished content.

PUBG's eight man squad event will run all wekend long, and it will be closing at 07:00 PM PDT on 25 March 2018 for North America, on 26 March at 11:00 AM KST for Asia and 03:00 AM CET for Europe on the same day. PUBG Corp have also noted that these times may change at a later date, probably in case of rise in popularity during the weekend.

On the other hand, considering the way players received the news in the comments for the Tweet below, this may not turn out to be the case. Most responses from the fans are sarcastic remarks on the fact that they either don't have 7 in game friends to play with or if they do, they will be forced to play with 4 random players anyway due to the lobby restrictions.

Another complaint comes from the Xbox One player base, who feel neglected due to all the ''cool events'' being for PC only. Another user mentioned that these time-limited events feel like rushed out copies of Fortnite's events. These are all legitimate concerns and the last one seems to be a confirmation of PUBG Corp not being able to deal with Epic Games' massive success with Fortnite.

As Twitter user Eddie Sargent pointed out, PUBG Corp have released an unfinished event and didn't think it through. This definitely seems like another desperate attempt to keep up the pace with Fortnite, after rushing out PUBG Mobile and having no other choice but to populate the game with bots.

AltCharEight characters in PUBG are posing with their guns on and around an SUV.Fortnite: Battle Royale vs. PUBG

In PUBG Corp's slight defence, they did mention that this weekend's Event Mode will serve ''just to get things rolling'' as the ''system was only recently put together'' and that ''the future of the Event Mode holds exciting things''. But then again, don't these kinds of tests belong on a Test Server?