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Coupe RB is poised to debut in PUBG patch 10.2

Published: 01:24, 08 January 2021
PUBG - Coupe RB
PUBG - Coupe RB

PUBG patch 10.2 has hit the testing realm recently and it looks like this is going to shake things up quite a bit, especially with the extremely fast new car on the road.

Coupe RB is set to come to PUBG with 10.2 and the car not only looks great but it appears to be one of the best performers around. While it's only a two-seater, the Coupe will be the second-fastest land vehicle, behind the bike, clocking the speeds of up to 150 kilometres per hour.

That pretty much describes what the car can or will be used for. As for availability, Coupe RB will be spawning on Erangel, Miramar and Sanhok, which should have enough road for the swifty to show off its qualities.

While certainly a highlight, it is not the only one that is marking 10.2. Reputation will also debut in the same patch and will consist of ranks from zero to five, meaning there are six levels in total.

The higher the rank, the more enjoyable the player is to have in a team so it's pretty straightforward when it comes to understanding the system. Positive feedback from teammates and generally playing the game will increase your reputation while reports and negative behaviour like killing teammates or leaving matches will decrease the rep.

Cheating reports do not affect reputation, but should they prove to be correct and the player indeed gets banned, their reputation will suffer greatly.

Those are the two highlights but patch 10.2 has a lot more in store. You can check out the full patch notes that are live on the testing server through the announcement on Steam.

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