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PUBG adds squad mode to Codename: Savage, get ready for team based carnage

Published: 16:53, 04 April 2018
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PUBG Codename: Savage is proving to be immensely popular with the fans and Brendan Greene and Co are opening it up for more people and more features, to go with the changes and updates of the existing Codename: Savage setup.

PUBG Corp have already started testing their new Codename: Savage and as gameplay footage trickles in, Greene and Co announced that it will be getting squad play and then some.

As part of the same update package, Codename: Savage map has received first changes as well. In fact, the company increased item and weapon spawn rates inside PUBG's residential buildings and small cabins, so as to ensure that landing on the outskirts doesn't leave you running around pointing a stick at enemies armed to their teeth.

PUBG Corp Female player character is aiming her AWM while crouching on top of a hill. PUBG - AWM

PUBG Corp changed the way that the first blue zone appears, ensuring it shows up at the beginning of the match. This way, the game's naked hordes can come up with at least a semblance of a plan A.

The company say that Blue zone's time has been tweaked to speed up initial gameplay, whereas Red zone's frequency has been lowered somewhat. Apparently, there are fewer explosions inside the red zone, even though the size of it remains the same. 

Vans in PUBG's Codename: Savage will spawn less often, while two-wheeled motorcycles spawn more often. Motorbikes with sidecars have been removed from the map, the company said.

PUBG Corp Player is calling for a supply drop with a flare gun. PUBG - Flare Gun

Squad play is already being tested on the Codename: Savage Closed Experimental Server so diehard PUBG fans are most likely already knee deep in testing. Those who haven't jumped on the opportunity as of yet can do so by grabbing a .

It's quite refreshing seeing PUBG Corp getting back to actual work, as opposed to rolling out cosmetic gimmics. In related news, you may recall that recent data mining found that PUBG has , which hopefully marks a start to the era of actual content.

You can find the official squad play announcement and the list of Codename: Savage changes in .

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