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PS Plus giving away Heavy Rain, Absolver and 4 others July 2018

Published: 07:01, 04 July 2018
One fighter attacking another in Sloclap's fighting game Absolver

In case you haven't been following David Cage, the man behind Detroit: Become Human, then Sony have got you covered as the list of PlayStation Plus free games in July 2018 includes his masterpiece Heavy Rain, as well as five other games.

Indeed, many have considered Heavy Rain to be Cage's magnum opus, marrying rarely seen intensity in story telling with visuals to match. The game launched in 2010 though, so the visuals may not be as stunning as they once were and besides, Detroit: Become Human's awesome reception is making any magnum opus analyses difficult.

Either way, it's well worth checking out Heavy Rain, the game that solidified Quantic Dream's heavy hitter reputation. If you're a fan of Cage's style of gameplay of course, as his style of games rarely cater to gamers-gamers, but if we had to choose a must-play game from Quantic's repertoire, then look no further. Besides, it's free you cheapskate.

, on the other hand, is a complete opposite of Heavy Rain in that it's an online multiplayer fighting game, so there's no press-circle-and-watch-scenes here. Often described as an unlikely marriage of Dark Souls and Street Fighter, Absolver's combat system is one of the most meticulously crafted and customizable systems around, making it a truly unique, both as a game and fighting game.

You may have noticed Absolver featuring slightly Fortnite-ish elements and while both of these games use Epic's Unreal Engine 4, you should know that Absolver actually predates it, art style and all. The game's visuals never aimed for realism in the visual department, resulting in gorgeous environments on top of what's already an intricately woven masterpiece.

Pixelated platformer and are among PS Plus's PlayStation 3 titles, joined by the ever disjointed Rayman 3 HD. Vita is getting Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilema. Sony have strapped some of these games with cross-buy notices, namely Extreme Extreme Exorcism on PS4 and Space Overlords on PS4 and PS3.

Quantic Dream Protagonist of Heavy Rain holding a match looking into the camera Heavy Rain

As usual, you can pick up these games by end of July 2018, when Sony are scheduled to reload the barrel.


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