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PlayStation Plus offers Heavy Rain and Absolver in July

Published: 21:04, 28 June 2018
Heavy Rain and Absolver promotional photos for PS Plus lineup in July
PlayStation Plus July

Sony have released the PlayStation Plus lineup for July 2018, which is spearheaded by Heavy Rain and Absolver for PlayStation 4. The former one is probably a promotion for Detroit: Become Human, kind of like Black Ops 3 is for Black Ops 4.

As a reminder, PlayStation Plus subscribers can still snatch Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for a few days, which is part of the promotion I mentioned above. It was added on top of the June lineup, as a "celebration" for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 announcement.

Heavy Rain is likely the same kind of "celebration", here to promote the recently released Detroit: Become Human. It is the regular drill of Quantic Dream games, which basically means it's an interactive movie with barely any gameplay. It written and directed by David Cage. Did I also mention Detroit: Become Human is also written and directed by David Cage or that it has bajillion polygons created for super epic facial animations? Sarcasm aside, the main "feature" David Cage's game have is the controversy they build up before launch.

On the other hand, if you enjoy playing a movie, you may also enjoy Heavy Rain. It tells a story of how four people come together and attempt to solve the mystery of the Origami Killer, named after his calling card. The protagonist can get killed along the way and the story has many different branching paths it can take depending on players' choices.

On the opposite side of the spectrum stands Absolver, which is a game that has no narration and is all about gameplay. Absolver is all about fighting, and it features a combat system that seems similar to the one employed in Ubisoft's For Honor. The game's graphics are somewhat minimalistic but it can offer exhilarating PvP matches.

Sloclap Picture of a character with a mask posing for a Absolver's promotional poster Absolver

PlayStation 3 owners will get Rayman 3 HD and Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess while PS Vita crowd will be able to try out Space Overlords and Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma. There is also a running promotion for PS Now where you can get three month membership at a reduced price. You can read more about it, as well as the PS Plus lineup on .

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