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PS App update bringing new UI, integrated messages, voice chat

Published: 20:15, 28 October 2020
PS App update
PS App update

Sony are gearing up for the launch of PlayStation 5 and one of the things they're tuning up for next-gen is the PS App, which is getting a hefty overhaul.

"Starting later today, the PS App will begin to roll out globally through updates on iOS (12.2 or later) and Android (6.0 or later) mobile devices. The PS App introduces fresh features such as voice chat, native PS Store integration, and a smoother experience delivered in an all-new design", the company wrote. 

The first and the most obvious change is the sleek new UI, and the new home screen makes it easier to see what your friends are playing, the games you played recently, Trophy List included. 

PS Messages app will no longer be available as a standalone app, as Sony are integrating it into PS App. You needn't worry about backing your messages up, though, as the existing messages and threads will be moved to the new PS App. 

Much like in PlayStation 4's 8.00 update, Voice Chat and Party Groups will be manageable from PS App, with voice chat supporting up to 15 friends through your phone. 

Sony are also well aware of all the criticism regarding the 8.00 update, and they wrote, "The PlayStation team is looking into your feedback around the Parties changes introduced in the PS4 system software update 8.00. There are no updates to share today, but thanks for speaking up about your concerns – we’re listening and evaluating."

Sony PS App overhaul PS App overhaul

PlayStation Store and remote downloads will be natively integrated both when it comes to games and addons, be they PS4 or PS5. Speaking of PS5, once it has launched - you'll be able to remotely launch games, manage storage on your console and sign in straight from the app. 

You can find the announcement on the PlayStation Blog

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