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Microsoft's Project Scorpio revealed - stats and specs

Published: 14:11, 06 April 2017
Updated: 06:03, 12 April 2017
Scorpio SOC

Microsoft have allowed Digital Foundry a closer look at Project Scorpio, described as the most powerful console ever built. Here is a closer look at Microsoft's answer to the PlayStation 4 Pro.

We finally have our first real glimpse of Microsoft's Project Scorpio, which has been teased and talked about a lot in the last months. Digital Foundry have applied their magnifying glasses, drills, exclusivity deals and other instruments to the task of finding out what the supposedly 'most powerful gaming console ever created' can actually do.

DigitalFoundry Project Scorpio Project Scorpio

Scorpio will be using an improved version of the Jaguar core, used on previous Xbox systems, with a frequency of 2.3GHz which is a 30 percent improvement. One of the greatest improvements on the hardware side of things are engineered procedures on the CPU-GPU line which function based on integrated DX12 features and cut down on the necessary amount of back and forth between the CPU and GPU.

DigitalFoundry Project Scorpio Motherboard Project Scorpio Motherboard

The promised 6TF of GPU power have been confirmed by Digital Foundry and according to the analysis this gives the Scorpio a 43 per cent compute advantage over the PlayStation 4 Pro. The new console will provide a 60 per cent boost in available memory for games, thanks to the increased graphics processor power.

This whole mess of power will be cooled by a vapour chamber similar to that used on the GTX1080 and a newly designed adaptive system will provide electricity to the devices components.

DigitalFoundry Project Scorpio Project Scorpio

One of the major advantages cited is the fact that the console represents a "mid-generation" upgrade, allowing engineers to observe the performance of actual games running on actual systems, identify problems and bottlenecks and then create custom solutions based on the available data.

All this translates to near current gen PC performance potential, putting the device somewhere in the range of a GTX1070 and above. This of course means that the Scorpio has zero chance of being affordable, and Microsoft might be trying to create something akin to a "premium market" for consoles and the corresponding games.

, , and Forza Motorsport 7 have been promised to potential customers in 2017 and our guess that the recommended specs for Shadow of War would be the lowest probable specs of the Scorpio isn't that far of. More information like, pricing, release date and launch line-up as well as title cross-compatibility via Windows Play Anywhere will be revealed in the coming months, most likely during this years E3.

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