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Project Maverick, a new Star Wars game leaked on EU PSN

Published: 14:21, 04 March 2020
Updated: 14:25, 04 March 2020
Star Wars: Project Maverick
Star Wars: Project Maverick

European PSN has apparently leaked a new Star Wars game, named Project Maverick. The page has been subsequently removed but not before the internet took a picture.

Project Maverick is apparently the next video game in the Star Wars universe. The leak came through European PSN which subsequently took it down in a quick fashion. However, it's the internet so once you post it, someone is bound to make a copy and immortalise it. Hence, you have the image shown above. Here is a larger resolution of the same image , in case you want to dissect its details.

Considering this info is the result of a leak that was quickly plugged, verified information is scarce and we are left only with predictions, speculation and wishes.

Considering the leak happened in March 2020, it might be safe to assume the game will not be exclusive to the next generation of consoles, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners getting a taste of it.

Furthermore, this also suggests that the next Star Wars game is not a large scale multiplayer title along the lines of Battlefront. Considering that EA are still trying to pick up the slack from the loot box disaster they instigated in late 2017 and early 2018, it is for the best.

Given the success of Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, it may be possible that we are getting another singleplayer adventure as opposed to a multiplayer and microtransaction-driven game.

EA, Disney and the developers of the title have not spoken on the matter just yet but a proper trailer or at least a teaser should be coming in near future with more confirmed information. As it currently stands, there is no reason for it to not be released on PC as well.

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