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Prime Gaming is offering another Telltale Batman in July

Published: 12:57, 25 June 2021
Updated: 12:58, 25 June 2021
Batman: The Enemy Within

Amazon revealed the Prime Gaming freebies for the month of July 2021, including one of the most beloved Batman games.

Amazon's Prime Gaming offered Batman: The Telltale Series in June 2021 and if you claimed that game, you might want to complete the collection with Batman: The Enemy Within which will be featured in July.

Given the popularity of the game, you are probably aware of what it's all about. On the other hand, if you are not, here are a few highlights. Pretty much everyone loved Telltale's take on their games and the first Batman game wasn't an exception. The second one, The Enemy Within, shuffles the cards some more and we get to witness Batman and the Joker in highly unexpected roles.

While Batman has always been a conflicted character, he has never been challenged in the way he is with the oddball version of the Joker we get to see. 

Overall, it's a great story that is well worth your time. It would be worth the money as well but if you've already subscribed to Prime Gaming, there will be no extra cost whatsoever.

Besides Batman: The Enemy Within, Prime Gaming will also offer RAD, The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature, Tales of the Neon Sea, Automachef and Portal Dogs.

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