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Telltale devs grateful to Skybound for amazing support on TWD

Published: 08:50, 08 April 2019
Telltale Games
Screenshot from Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: The Final Season
The Walking Dead: The Final Season...the conclusion of which we'll never see it seems.

Back when news hit that Telltale Games are no more, the future of The Walking Dead's final piece of the puzzle came into question. Nevertheless, it turns out Skybound Games' five-person team made it possible and ensured a proper sendoff.

In a recent interview, former TellTaler Kent Mudle and Skybound's CEO Ian Howe revealed that the plan to save what can be saved was in place almost as soon as they heard about layoffs.

Howe stressed that finishing The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and perhaps saving a few jobs while they're at it, were priorities and for what it's worth - he insists TellTale's management was very helpful in that.

Funnily enough, Skybound's assurances that they'll save it left Mudle with the impression that Skybound were a much bigger team, rather than the five-person crew they turned out to be.

"Yeah, the games division of Skybound was five people. We were less than a year old and we were still definitely in training wheels", Howe said and added, "Telltale was literally the lowest maintenance team I've ever worked with, they literally just came back in and got on with the job."

TellTale's closure couldn't have been more ill-timed, as The Walking Dead: The Final Season had just finished with the scaffolding, i.e. brought the game to a playable state with rough editions of visuals and voicework.

Thankfully though, the eight-week gap between TellTale's closure and the assembling of The Walking Dead's team in Skybound didn't mean a thing and they just went with it. 

"Though we did some revisions and some minor adjustments, it was exactly as it would have been had Telltale not exploded, really. And it was a testament to Skybound for letting us do our own vision without trying to like meddle with it in any way except for giving us feedback. But it was exactly what we envisioned", Mudle said.

Telltales Clementine's hat in the field crawling with walkers The Walking Dead : Season 4

Mudle insists that this is the proudest of his work he's ever been, which is a fitting goodbye to the series that made TellTale to begin with.

You can find the full interview .


The Walking Dead: The Final Season by Skybound Games

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier. Episode 3 "Above the Law".

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