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Metro Exodus preload available only on Steam, not Epic Store

Published: 15:40, 13 February 2019
4A Games
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Metro Exodus

Deep Silver have confirmed that preloading for Metro Exodus will be available only to those who purchased the game on Steam, while Epic Store won't offer the option to download earlier. The preload dates will be announced in due course.

Deep Silver and their post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus just can't stay out of the spotlight in the last few weeks. Of course, for a game that is coming out in just two days, such amount of publicity would be a great fuel for the hype train, but unfortunately, Metro Exodus' recent "popularity" is a result of some controversial decisions.

And just when the dust started to settle, Deep Silver and Metro Exodus are yet again under fire from unhappy players. This time, the fact that Metro Exodus won't be available for preload on Epic Store was the reason for backlash, and to make things even worse, the Steam version of the game will be available for early download.

This was confirmed directly by official Metro Exodus Twitter after one Twitter user asked if preload will be available on Epic Store. Metro Exodus Twitter replied that unfortunately, preload feature is not gonna happen. "We regret to inform that pre-load via the Epic Games Store is not planned," it's written in their reply.

This, of course, started a blizzard of angry tweets from players who won't be able to play the game on the launch day. Those with slow and unstable internet will probably have to wait an additional day or two before they can start the game. 

However, Steam version won't lack the preload feature and those who purchased the game on Valve's service can get everything set up before the launch. Deep Silver are yet to confirm the preload start date for Steam though, which is kinda odd as the game is only a couple of days away from the release date.

4A Games picture showing wasteland Metro Exodus

As for consoles, preload is now live on Xbox One while for PlayStation 4 owners, preload will start 48 hours before launch. That means it should hit Sony's platform sometime today. 

It safe to say that Deep Silver's preload arrangement is definitely a weird one. Why is the preload currently available for certain people, but left late for others, or not available at all to Epic Store users? For such a highly-anticipated game and beloved franchise, Deep Silver's decisions certainly leave a sour taste in one's mouth.

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