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Possible Bounty Hunter expansion hinted for Red Dead Online

Published: 21:19, 02 November 2020
Rockstar Games
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter
Red Dead Online - Bounty Hunter

Only one role in Red Dead Online is all about action, possibly leaving firefight-hungry players out to dry. Rockstar seem to have noticed and added plans for more content like this.

Bounty Hunter is the sole action-focused role in Red Dead Online, unless you count the few riders or being griefed during Trader and Moonshiner sales as action. Those going after criminals are the only ones actively looking for gunfights, meaning the game that is set during the twilight of the Wild West era has only one out of five paths that support actual combat with outlaws.

Rockstar folks seem to be well aware of this issue as an interview with Game Star suggested an expansion for the Bounty Hunter role. The translation might be slightly off since it's the automated one from Google but it is quite clear that Scott Butchard, the design director in Rockstar, noted that we are not getting an entirely new role with the next big update.

However, the update will expand a role which will apparently provide plenty of shootouts. The first and most logical conclusion is that Bounty Hunters will get a different way of doing things or a new batch of missions that would offer some variety, compared to the current formula of going to a camp or convoy, grabbing the target and riding back to a location.

On the other hand, the wording leaves many possibilities open. It's not impossible we will get work to protect caravans from raiders or something along those lines and that could be fitted into other roles as well. Time, and the next big update, will tell.

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