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Pokemon Sword, Shield and Home hackers could face permabans

Published: 16:40, 25 January 2021
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Pokemon Sword & Shield
Pokemon Sword & Shield

It's really not a good day for cheaters as The Pokemon Company stated on its website that Pokemon Sword, Shield and Home players caught using shady files will be banned.

To be exact, the company warned against usage of "modified data", but you get the picture - it's the sort of data that makes Pokemon Sword, Shield and Home do what they weren't designed to do. 

Anyone caught using it will face restrictions in internet play for Pokemon Sword / Shield, restrictions in the use of exchange functions in Pokemon Home on smartphones, and suspension of Pokemon Home on smartphones and Switch. 

Perhaps the most concerning of all should be the fact that any paying customers will not be refunded if they're caught cheating. 

The Pokemon Company said they reserve the right to decide whether the bans are limited or indefinite, with the latter adding an extra punishment dimension for Sword and Shield players, what with it being an RPG and all.

The company isn't particularly interested in protracted explanations to cheaters that are caught red-handed, and they pretty much said so in the announcement on their website. 

You can find the full statement on the Pokemon website here , but you'll probably need Google Translate.

One thing's for certain - it's not a great time to be a cheater, as a number of companies started upping their efforts in this department lately. 

Nintendo promo artwork showing pokemon sword and shield logos Pokemon Sword and Shield

Just today we've heard about Take-Two taking down a GTA Online cheat website , while Riot and Bungie teamed up against another. Not even Pokemon GO was immune to hackers, and Niantic recently settled for $5 million and written guarantees that the dev in question will never mess with their servers.

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