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Pokemon Sword and Shield release dates officially confirmed

Published: 15:00, 05 June 2019
Picture of the three starting Pokemon from Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield - Sobble, Scorbunny and Grookey

In the latest Pokemon Direct live stream, Nintendo have officially revealed the release dates for Pokemon Sword and Shield. It will release simultaneously and worldwide on 15 November 2019. The publisher also revealed the box art Pokemon.

Pokemon Company and Nintendo have officially revealed the release date for their brand new RPGs Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. Both games are set to release worldwide on the same day - 15 November 2019.

In the latest, pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, the developer Game Freak also revealed some additional details, including four-player raids and new Legendary Pokemon. Furthermore, the live stream was the place for the reveal of cover art for both titles. 

For Pokemon Sword, Zacian is the main star, wielding a sword in his jaws, while Zamazenta is on the front on Pokemon Shield, looking a lot like a shield to properly present the game. You can check out the cover arts below.

Furthermore, both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sheild are available for pre-order right now. You know that we always strongly advise against this, but it's your hard earned money, and if these are your most-anticipated games of the year that you would buy regardless of the review scores, then go ahead.

Both titles are priced at $60, you can get them separately but Nintendo also confirmed that a bundle pack, containing both games will be available soon. This bundle should be cheaper so you may want to wait a little bit before you purchase both games.

As for the new features that the developers revealed in the live stream, there's a new battle mechanic named Dynamax which is an ability that you can use to turn your Pokemon into a stronger and larger form of themselves for three turns. This ability can be used only once per battle though.

Nintendo picture showing cover art for pokemon sword and shield Pokemon Sword and Shield

You can also team up with three other players in local or online multiplayer to fight in Max raid Battles, where you take on a wild Dynamax Pokemon, which can be caught if you and your team manage to defeat it. These are not easy tasks, so you better be well prepared for the battle.

More on raid battles, .

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