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Leak reveals Pokemon Sword and Shield release dates

Published: 15:48, 29 April 2019
promo artwork showing pokemon sword and shield logos
Pokemon Sword and Shield

According to the latest leak which reveals the promotional schedule for Pokemon Sword and Shield, the upcoming Pokemon titles are releasing between 15 November and 20 November 2019. On 15 May, the official box art will be revealed.

Ever since GameFreak, Nintendo and The Pokemon Company officially revealed the two new mainline games - Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield earlier this year, players have been wondering when exactly they can get their hands on the long-awaited RPG titles.

On the official reveal, it's been confirmed that the plan is to hit the 2019 release window but specific dates are yet to be shared by the publishers. However, the latest leak that originally appeared on 4chan suggests that Pokemon Sword and Shield are scheduled to arrive on Nintendo Switch seven months from now - between 15 November and 20 November 2019.

This bit of info comes from promotional release date schedule, which contains the dates for the events where GameFreak will talk and potentially reveal more about Pokemon Sword and Shield. As always, take this info with a huge grain of salt, as nothing is confirmed at the moment.

Starting on 15 May 2019, the official cover art for both titles will be revealed in Japanese monthly manga magazine CoroCoro Comic and over the course of the year, the games will feature on many events before the official launch. You can check the full schedule below:

15 May 2019 – Corocoro reveal of the box art

27 June 2019 –  A panel at Salt Lake City Comic Con

10 July 2019 –  Gen 8 Funko Pops

20 July 2019 –  A panel at San Diego Comic Con

29 August 2019 – Panel at a PAX

12 to 14 September 2019 – Tokyo Game Show

15 September 2019 – More reveals from Corocoro magazine

04 October 2019 – New York Comic Con and a promotional tour

11 October 2019 – More promotional tours, one in Europe and the other in one of the Americas

12 October 2019 – Panel at PAX Australia and an Australian promotional tour

02 November 2019 – Nintendo and Game Freak event at EGX Berlin

15 to 20 November 2019 – Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Release Date

GameFreak Picture of the logos for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

As you can see, a lot of events and appearances await the upcoming Pokemon titles if the leak is true. It won't be long before we find out if the info is indeed legit as 15 May is just two weeks away.

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