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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield file size revealed

Published: 10:22, 15 October 2019
Picture of the logos for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield
Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield file size will be 10.3 GB which is either huge or not that big of a deal, depending how you look at it. The size also leaves many cartridge-related questions unanswered.

Considering Pokemon Sword and Shield will take up 10.3 GB, it sent out mixed signals. Fans have already it to other games, so for example, it is smaller than the size of Breath of the Wild (13.4 GB) and Smash Ultimate (13.6 GB).

On the other hand, it's bigger than previous Pokemon titles, such as Pokemon Let's Go Eevee / Pikachu which was 4.1 GB. Sword and Shield's size is roughly 2.5 times bigger, which is already causing fans to be optimistic about the amount of content the game will bring.

The 10.3 GB file size also left some questions, some of them being of possibly optimistic and others of cautious nature. The first group is guessing that the physical edition will come on a 16 GB cartridge, which leaves a lot of unused space. On the other hand, with enough tinfoil hats applied, it's possible that there is some DLC stored on the supposedly unused space. 

Depending on whether you are a glass half full type of person, this could be great because it means more content in the future or bad since it's completed content that's locked because of an upcoming paywall.

Game Freak Picture of Galarian Weezing in Pokemon Sword & Shield Pokemon Sword & Shield - Weezing

Meanwhile, the cautious fans are worried that the physical edition will be delivered on 8 GB cartridges, paired with a mandatory ~3.3 GB download. This would indeed be impractical but it remains to be seen what Nintendo will officially announce in the future since the news about the file size actually came from a Nintendo-related website, not the company itself.

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