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Pokemon Sword & Shield get expansion passes

Published: 16:58, 09 January 2020
Updated: 17:07, 09 January 2020
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Pokemon Sword & Shield
Pokemon Sword & Shield

Pokemon Direct provided information on the upcoming content for Pokemon Sword & Shield that will be released later in 2020. The new expansions are contained in the announced expansion passes, sold separately for the twin titles.

Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield are separate titles, despite having many similarities. To players of either game, this is crystal clear but the onlookers could be confused with the details for each game's expansions.

Anyway, expansion pass will be purchased separately for Sword and Shield and each pass will cost $29.99 / £26.99 and will include two expansions. The first one is the Isle of Armor.

This particular expansion will bring players to new areas that are mostly taking cues from the tropical beaches as well as local caves and other beautiful environments. A new Pokemon gym will be available where players can train under Mustard who is also Leon's mentor. Alongside the new mentor come the rival apprentices. Sword pass holders will be up against Klara, who is a Poison-type user while Shield Pass users will face off against Avery, a Psychic-type user.

Kubfu is the new Fighting-type Legendary Pokemon that will be encountered on the Isle of Armor. It can evolve into Urshifu which has two styles - Single Strike Style which is Fighting / Dark-type while Rapid Strike Style is Fighting / Water-type. Both styles have Gigantamax forms.

The Crown Tunda is the polar opposite of the Isle of Armor. Despite its frozen environments, no pun was intended. Calyrex is the new Legendary Grass / Psychic-type Pokemon encountered here. Furthermore, there will be a new co-op mode in the Crown Tundra where players can go underground together and witness previously seen Pokemon Dynamaxing in front of them.

There are more Pokemon and cosmetic items that will be available throughout the expansions, some of which you can preview in the video above but not even the Direct could cover it all.

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