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Pokemon Go trainer battles will be more skill-oriented in future

Published: 07:20, 18 July 2019
Meltan, from Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO, Meltan

Pokemon Go took the world by storm initially and continued to be an extremely popular title over the years but one gripe the players have to this day is the underwhelming PvP, trainer battles. It will no longer be a button mash fest.

Pokemon Go PvP has been lacklustre for a long time now and some trainers just forego the feature entirely because mashing their mobile device felt as interesting as combat in Fallout 76. This all stands to change in the future as Niantic announced two major changes coming to Pokemon Go.

The first change and the most important one for PvP enthusiasts is the overhaul of charged attacks. Instead of repeatedly tapping the mobile device, players will now be prompted to perform various rhythmic gestures in order to pull it off.

Niantic's tweet this mechanic in action with the embedded video. PvP battles are inherently competitive and competition loses its charm when everyone can just mimic a jackhammer in order to pull off a charged attack.

The new way to do it doesn't seem to be particularly hard itself but it's possible Niantic will cause some alterations in the future, based on community feedback. For the moment, it looks like a major upgrade since it could potentially require some skill to actually beat an opponent.

Furthermore, the appraisal system will be updated. Individual Values were not as visible as many would like so the new system will present players with progress bars for Attack, Defence and HP. They will turn red when full. It will also be easier to spot Pokemon with low stats in order to transfer them.

Niantic Picture of Mudkip the featured Pokemon for July 2019 Community Day Pokemon GO

Trainers will be able to switch Pokemon in battle with a single tap now instead of having to go through menus, which is definitely a major quality of life upgrade.

Players in US already have access to the new features on both Android and iOS while the rest of the world should receive them in the coming weeks. 

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Pokemon GO
Pokemon GO

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