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Pokemon GO trading will offer Lucky Pokemon as incentives

Published: 17:45, 24 July 2018
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Pokemon GO

Niantic have updated Pokemon GO, announcing new incentives for trading Pokemon in the form of a Lucky trait. This trait will upgrade the creature so it takes less Stardust to increase its CP and Pokedex can detect them for easier tracking.

Lucky Pokemon are still not here and Niantic didn't give us a specific release date but they did state that players will be able to "experience it soon". It is noteworthy that traded Pokemon will not always become Lucky version of themselves, but it's decided by RNG. Very noteworthy.

Players can influence the odds though, as Pokemon that were in their storage for a longer period of time will have a higher chance to get the Lucky trait once traded. The official website offers a explanation by stating that it's not clear whether staying in storage can make a Pokemon Lucky or not and that there will be more info on this further down the road.

I honestly thought it's pretty straightforward - each Pokemon in storage has a chance to become Lucky when traded and the chance grows the further it stays in the storage. The line about it being a "mystery" did make me confused. It would be hilarious if it actually is as simple as I stated, but Niantic were apparently fishing for more views by purposefully making the process confusing.

Anyway, that's not all that the update will bring. Gifts will now offer experience to trainers who send them to their friends and they will now have a chance to contain Stardust. This added chance coupled with Lucky Pokemon could make the process of powering up, and by default raising CP, much easier.

Niantic Pikachu wearing a new outfit that includes a straw hat and glasses Pokemon Go's Summer Style Pikachu

Niantic have also called to players to share their Lucky Pokemon acquisitions via their preferred social platform, but there are no further incentives offered. The pictures will likely serve as promotional material with a possibility of finding their way to the official website.

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