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Pokemon GO reaches $2 billion in revenue from in-app purchases

Published: 11:40, 26 September 2018
Johto region's mythical Pokemon Celebi
Pokemon GO, Celebi

Pokemon GO players seem to not mind throwing buckets of cash at Niantic as the game became one of the few mobile titles that reached $2 billion in revenue. It is not the first one, but certainly is one of the fastest to reach the milestone.

Pokemon GO reached $2 billion milestone after 811 days, or just over two and a half years since its launch in July 2016. A good portion of Pokemon GO's success stems from the explosive launch that took world by the storm and generated around $400 million for Niantic in less than two months, according to Apptopia estimates.

Therefore, you can easily see how it took only 302 days for Pokemon GO to reach $1 billion mark but it took almost twice as long to score another billion. With that in mind, the earnings are still top notch as the first two months of Pokemon GO's existence were nothing short of ground breaking. To put the matter into perspective, today's most popular game, Fortnite, scored "only" $50 million in its first two months, although it existed only on iOS.

Furthermore, Apptopia  that Pokemon GO never fell below #65 on the ladder of overall grossing apps from US App Store. Clash of Clans and Game of Wars - Fire Age managed to narrowly beat Pokemon GO in the race to $2 billion, as the first one managed the feat within 768 days while the latter pulled the same revenue off within 798 days.

These numbers' height actually brings parental control or lack thereof into question as these games' cartoony themes and visual style target children as a rather large chunk of their demographic. Such concerns have been previously raised and even celebrities children have been reportedly due to In-App Purchases going up as high as $3.000 per day.

Niantic Pokemon GO legendary flying Pokemon Moltres Pokemon GO, Moltres

Granted, a regular non-Hollywood human being might not have as much money for their children to spend, but wouldn't maxing parents' credit cards out hurt even more in such situations? Does it feel even worse if it's the parents who max the credit cards out on Pokemon GO?

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon GO - Castform
Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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