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PlayStation update their website banner, fans think its a hint for Kojima Productions acquisition

Published: 09:15, 14 April 2022
Kojima Productions
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Death Stranding

Sony have added a Death Stranding cover art to their website banner which features the most prominent PlayStation IP.

In the day and age of acquisitions where everyone is acquiring everything and where regulators have their hands full all the time, it's becoming increasingly hard to do even the most basic stuff like changing your website banner, without people thinking you're hinting at acquiring someone. 

That happened today to PlayStation. Sony have decided to update their website banner, adding  Death Stranding 's Sam Bridges and the new MLB The Show and Aloy designs to the list of games. 

PlayStation Death Stranding added to the banner Death Stranding added to the banner

Nothing weird right? Sony own all these IPs after all including Death Stranding. Well, that's not what PlayStation fans are thinking. Their theory is that Sony might have acquired Kojima Productions and are preparing the official announcement of the big news so they're updating their branding to include Kojima's studio.

A bit of a stretch? Yeah, the reason for the banner update probably has nothing to do with the potential Kojima Productions acquisition, which may happen someday given how close Kojima and PlayStation have been over the years. 

We assure you, the dev team whose job is to update the website's assets most certainly wouldn't know a thing about it. So yeah, don't get your hopes up PlayStation fans, it's just a website update and nothing more. At least for now.

SIE CEO Jim Ryan said after the Bungie acquisition that Sony will continue to add more teams to the PlayStation umbrella so expect a lot of aggressive moves from the Japanese tech giant in the coming months and years. 

Recent rumours suggested that something Konami or Capcom big is on the way but take that with a grain of salt since the announcement was supposed to be two weeks ago and nothing really came out of it. 

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