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Two new characters coming to Apex Legends in Season One

Published: 19:36, 22 March 2019
Respawn Entertainment
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Apex Legends

According to the official PlayStation website, Apex Legends will get two new characters in Season One with a full set of cosmetics to unlock. On top of that, during the first season, Respawn will introduce new weapon and unique items.

If you're one of the Apex Legends players that were disappointed by the game's Season One content, more specifically, by its battle pass rewards, you may have a lot more to look forward as the latest reveal from PlayStation suggest that new content could be just around the corner.

On Apex Legends page on the official PlayStation 4 website, among the standard game description, trailer and some details about the Season One, Sony accidentally shared some fresh, yet unrevealed info.

According to the description, Apex Legends' inaugural season Wild Frontier will add two new characters that will launch over the course of the season along with a full set of cosmetics to unlock for each character.

Of course, there are no specific details about the new Legends, but some earlier leaks revealed that Wattson could be one of the new characters. Also, popular Twitch streamer Shroud earlier confirmed in one of the streams that Respawn invited him to test Octane and Wattson, the latter still planned as the season one content.

Furthermore, the PlayStation website reveals that Apex Legends will introduce two new items, that will come during Season One and will offer something "new and innovative to the strategic mix".

One new weapon is also down in the pipeline, and just like the characters, it will launch with a set of cosmetics to unlock. Details are pretty scarce on this one, but again, leaks from Gaming Intel suggest that the new weapon could be the short-range LMG L-STAR.

GamingIntel picture showing weapon in apex legends New LMG in Apex Legends

Of course, nothing is officially confirmed at the moment but given that the details are coming directly from PlayStation website, it's safe to say that this info is as good as the one we get directly from Respawn.

Apex Legends Season One description on the PlayStation website is still live at the time of writing, and you can check it .

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