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Incentives don't help retailers push PS Classic off the shelves

Published: 09:38, 24 December 2018
Size comparison between PlayStation Classic and PlayStation
PlayStation Classic vs. the original PlayStation

PS Classic has been panned by critics and users who actually shelled out $99,99 / £89,99 for it. Now it seems like many customers figured out it's not worth the price as there reports of retailers not being able to get rid of the stock.

PlayStation Classic has had a fair share of its problems as Sony pretty much dropped the ball on the development, marketing and release of the nostalgia-fueled console. It didn't help the sales that people figured out that this is a $99,99 boxed version of an open-source emulator.

Pictures of retailers across USA not being able to clear out their stock of PS Classic have been appearing since the early days of December 2018, when a Reddit user posted a photo from their local Best Buy, days after the initial launch. Apparently, the retailer thought the mini console would sell like hotcakes, but this simply wasn't the case.

They even put up a sign that only one purchase is allowed per customer in order to avoid running out of stock, as they assumed people would pile up and grab as many as they could. In total, the shelf looks like only two or up to seven consoles had been sold over the course of the day. The was taken one hour before Best Buy's closing time, according to the original poster

Now it looks like that particular Best Buy wasn't the only store that had issues with selling Sony's product. Another poster showed a more recent photo, this time from Fry's Electronics. The store offers a $25 gift card for anyone who purchases a PS Classic, meaning buyers would get a 25 per cent rebate. As you can see in , the rebate didn't help as the display is full of the consoles.

Sony Sony's packaging for PlayStation Classic PlayStation Classic packaging

According to the poster, Fry's is full of PS Classics, and the consoles are occupying other shelves in the store, apparently unable to be sold. Many commenters in the thread stated they would buy PS Classic, but definitely not with the $99,99 price tag.

PlayStation Classic, Sony's blast from the past in new clothing

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
PlayStation Classic packaging

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