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PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X release may get delayed by Coronavirus

Published: 15:49, 07 February 2020
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Neither Sony nor Microsoft are Chinese companies so Coronavirus outbreak didn't affect them too much so far. However, their troubles may start soon as the planned releases for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X might get bumpy due to quarantined workers in China.

Consoles of the next generation are still nine or so months away but manufacturing issues might delay the day we get to enjoy the upgraded hardware. Namely, both companies are relying on Chinese production and the country emergency services are actively quarantining employees of some factories.

For example, Apple already is already in deep trouble as Foxconn has already taken measures against the virus spread. As you probably guessed, these measures include limiting workers' movement and efficiency which will likely cause the next iPhone's production schedule to be altered.

Closer to the console gaming area, due to the manufacturing problems in China, also caused by Coronavirus. On the topic of next-gen consoles, however, there is no direct confirmation that delays would happen but there are strong indications.

According to Jefferies Group, the next-gen consoles are starting to or already being manufactured but if company shutdowns exceed a month or longer, " ".

There is currently no confirmation or any indication directly from Microsoft or Sony so keep in mind that the fears of delay may or may not come to pass.

Microsoft Xbox Series X console and controller Xbox Series X should be more expensive than PlayStation 5. It can double down as stool with a heated seat.

It seems that the executives are currently preoccupied with when it comes to PlayStation 5 versus Xbox Series X since that is the only recent news that mentioned either company's future plans.

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