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AMD ramping up production for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X

Published: 11:43, 05 May 2020
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Rumours of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X delays have taken another hit after AMD confirmed they're ramping up production to support Sony's and Microsoft's next-gen consoles.

Sony and Microsoft both responded to the rumours at the time, insisting that everything is going according to plan and that there will be no delays.

With the impact of the ongoing global pandemic yet to be ascertained in full, keeping these promises may be more tricky than the two planned, but thankfully - both companies have AMD on their side. 

Speaking in a recent investor call, AMD's CEO Lisa Su said, "We expect semi-custom revenue to increase in the second quarter and be heavily weighted towards the second half of the year, as we ramp production to support the holiday launches of the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles."

This may explain why Microsoft and Sony were so confident in their next-gen consoles and their timely arrival - AMD can be relied on. 

AMD had a blast in the first quarter of 2020, reporting $1.79 billion in revenue, 80.4 per cent of which were Ryzen and Radeon products.

Their great work as of late will be properly crowned once next-gen consoles are on the shelves, as the red team is responsible for CPU and GPU components in both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which is a huge vote of confidence. 

Microsoft Xbox Series X console and controller Xbox Series X

So there you have it - delays of PS5 and/or Xbox Series X are indeed proving to be unlikely. One can never dismiss external factors, especially in times of COVID-19, but short of a serious catastrophe - it looks like Sony and Microsoft will be on time. 

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