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PlayStation 5 has hardware ray tracing, SSD-boosted loading times

Published: 14:20, 08 October 2019
artwork showing a render of rumored PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5 Render

Sony officially lifted the veil of secrecy from PlayStation 5 and the company's president Jim Ryan and chief architect Mark Cerny now revealed more about the highly anticipated console, starting with hardware ray tracing and SSD benefits.

The two gave a lengthy interview to Wired, where they discussed PlayStation 5's capabilities in more detail. Oh and by the way - those leaked development kits were indeed the real thing. 

First and foremost - ray tracing, which Cerny says has been one of the most common questions he's been receiving. Namely, users feared that Sony will go for a software-level solution, but there will be none of that. "There is in the GPU hardware, which I believe is the statement that people were looking for", he said.

Cerny praised PlayStation 5's SSD for its contribution to lightning-quick loading times and he explained the specifics via Marvel's Spider-Man. To simplify - decreasing loading times used to require duplicating certain data blocks up to 400 times on a hard drive, just to facilitate access, but the SSD does away with all of that. 

Relying on the SSD brings additional benefits and Cerny said Sony will be taking a different approach to installations, making them more configurable. "Rather than treating games like a big block of data, we're allowing finer-grained access to the data", he said. 

In practice, this means you could choose to only install a multiplayer component of a or even subsequently erase singleplayer content, making room on your PlayStation 5 for other content. 

PlayStation 5 will be using 100GB optical disks and the drive doubles up as 4K Blu-ray player as well. There will also be a new and revamped UI, but that's to be expected with a fresh PlayStation. 

Sony Sony's PlayStation 4 controllers PlayStation 4 controllers

In the , Ryan revealed that he's especially excited over PlayStation 5's controllers, which feature adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Both allow for some inventive game and will allow for a unique sensory experience that can, for instance, let players know and differentiate the sort of terrain they're walking over. 

You can find the full piece over .

PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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PlayStation 4 Glacier White - Set
PlayStation 4 Glacier White

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