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PlayStation 5 getting a 24K gold version by Truly Exquisite

Published: 14:15, 23 July 2020
Truly Exquisite
PlayStation 5 version by Truly Exquisite
PlayStation 5, by Truly Exquisite

No, it won't be running in 24K and 60FPS, we're talking about karats here. Anyway, luxury brand Truly Exquisite has announced a truly exquisite version of PlayStation 5.

"The long-awaited and much anticipated Sony Playstation 5 just got even better! Truly Exquisite are proud to announce that we bring to you yet another release first...this time it will be in the form of the brand new Sony PS5", the company wrote. 

These luxurious PlayStations are available in 24K Gold, Platinum as well as 18K Rose Gold finishes. We're tempted to throw in a joke, how the latter is reserved for the poor, but we doubt the sarcasm would be appreciated. 

The company commented on how the highly anticipated next-gen console is likely to be a symbol of expression by many, some of which will want to stand out with more than just colour schemes. 

Naturally, with the consoles still being in production, we're looking at renders rather than complete products, but Truly Exquisite claim to be locked and loaded for production whenever it launches.

"We've shown some of our most exclusive clients are renderings of the PS5 and have already had customers wanting to order these even without it being released. These will be hugely popular especially due to them being limited pieces with probably no more than 100 pieces released worldwide", the company's CEO Kunal Patel said. 

Truly Exquisite PlayStation 5's 24K console and accessories PlayStation 5, 24K console and accessories

Well, there you have it, if you really want to stand out of the crowd, forget about all-black, God of War or Cyberpunk 2077 editions - go straight for 24-karat gold and you'll be pretty unique. Well, along with the 99 other prospective customers. 

You can find the website and/or place your order over here .

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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