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PlayStation 5 fan speed will be optimised via online updates

Published: 11:58, 20 October 2020
PS5 teardown video cooling fan
PS5 - Cooling fan

In a recent interview, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 5's internal fan will be customised and fine-tuned via online updates, hopefully without sacrificing longevity.

The interview we're talking about was given to by vice president of mechanical design at Sony Yasuhiro Ootori and translated by joint efforts of ResetEra members and Eurogamer.

"Various games will be released in the future, and data on the APU's behaviour in each game will be collected", Otori said. The plan is to then use this data to optimise the fan in accordance. 

PlayStation owners are well aware of the unique mix of annoyance and concern that comes with the sound of console fans lifting off, but PlayStation 5's tech will allow for greater degree of control.

Naturally, cooling is a compromise between noise and longevity but PlayStation 5's hefty footprint should be helping with that significantly. All the extra space meant that the design team could throw in a 120mm intake fan, to ensure healthy air circulation.

Interestingly enough, Ootori says that the design process included making a transparent model of PlayStation 5, and observing dry ice smoke flow. Then, the team would make adjustments and tweaks accordingly. Pretty meticulous, no?

Thanks to the new technology, all the data from PlayStation 5 consoles can be compiled and handled better than any sort of hardware servicing. The more data the company gets, the smoother everyone's experience gets - that's pretty much the bottom line.

PS5 teardown - official video released by Sony PS5 Teardown video

We'd definitely welcome some Sony assistance in the noise department as we can vouch that PlayStation 4, especially the Pro version, could get particularly nasty sounding when pushed a bit.  

Thanks, Eurogamer .

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