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Sony files patent, hint at PlayStation 5 backwards compatibility

Published: 11:37, 25 February 2019
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Sony's earlier patent saw the company discuss how to solve errors in synchronisation between newer and older devices, and now we caught wind of yet another patent aiming at backwards compatibility, presumably on PlayStation 5 consoles.

The patent is called Simulation of Legacy Bus Operation for Backwards Compatibility and it was actually filed at the same time as the one, but published only several days ago.

Much like the earlier patent, it never specifically states it's for PlayStation 5 but by now, it's all but officially confirmed, not least for the inclusion of PS4's lead architect Mar Cenry in the credits.

As you can guess from the name, it deals with bus operation, i.e. communication between different devices, focusing on the interference issues and how to tackle them in practice.

Sony's patent accurately emulates communication of earlier devices, actively adapting to the needs of any given application and even providing means to adjust bus performance.

Of course, the patent directly leans on the earlier one, which focused on addressing CPU mismatches in emulation. Sony are again relying on controlling performance and matching it to application demands, so all that's left is to see how it works in practice.

By now there's no doubt the mere notion of PlayStation 5 boasting backwards compatibility is mouth-watering. For Sony perhaps doubly so, since it almost automatically secures the purchases of anyone who still has their PlayStation [insert number here] games.

After all, Sony's engineering advances weren't very predecessor-friendly, something for which the company was criticised on more than a single occasion.

Not every console has to feel like waving your past investments goodbye and starting from the top, which is exactly what the past two PlayStation iterations did, but the company finally realises that. Thankfully. 

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Even though it's never explicitly said that this is PlayStation 5 tech, we'd still recommend you to postpone getting rid of your old physical catalogue, as you might regret it soon.

You can learn more or find the Simulation of Legacy Bus Operation for Backwards Compatibility patent (in Japanese).

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