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PlayStation 5 ads have begun and you know what that means

Published: 11:54, 20 August 2020
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PlayStation 5

Buckle up Sony fans - PlayStation 5 advertisements have begun airing, which traditionally means that preorders, and more importantly, the pricing should follow soon.

As caught by Niko analyst Daniel Ahmad, PlayStation 5 ads have started airing in certain regions. The version he caught was the one in Hungarian, although that's just the written part - the audio is entirely in English. 

You can check it out for yourself in his tweet, which we've attached below. Don't expect much though - it's the usual PR, albeit wrapped in a delightful visual package that strongly evokes the notion of PlayStation 5 consoles being absolute beasts.  

What's perhaps even more notable is that if PlayStation 5 ads have started airing in Hungary, and it certainly appears so, it won't take long until the rest of the world follows. Which in turn means pricing should be revealed relatively soon. 

Both Sony and Microsoft revealed most of what they planned to show prior to launch, which makes the price tag on each console the only thing neither even touched upon yet. 

There have been some rumours that Sony are gunning for the US$499 mark, which certainly sounds appealing. Nevertheless, nobody even remotely connected to the production of PlayStation 5 consoles has let out so much as a squeak, let alone a confirmation that this will be the price.

The bang per buck ratio matters a whole lot in the console war, and we dare to say this effect will be more pronounced now than say six months ago. With that in mind, the last remaining piece needed for the next instalment of the console wars is close, so let the games begin. 

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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