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PlayerUnknown: Prologue is neither PUBG 2 nor a shooter

Published: 19:45, 16 December 2019
picture showing PUBG creator Brendan Greene
Brendan Greene aka PlayerUnknown

Brendan 'PlayerUnknown' Greene, the man behind PUBG, has recently left his brainchild's development team to explore different types of gaming experiences. His new creation Prologue was teased at The Game Awards, but don't expect PUBG 2.

PUBG's creator left the dev team, relocating from Seoul to Amsterdam to be in charge of PUBG Corp's newly opened department called PlayerUnknown Productions. Their official job description is to explore new technologies in multiplayer gaming, and Prologue is meant to be part of this. 

Speaking to Forbes, Greene said, "We set up the studio, and founded it with the goal of experimenting with new technology. Now we're taking that first step towards building new technologies, and Prologue is the first step into the new world for us. I wanted the chance to deliver something new on a global scale."

Interestingly, PlayerUnknown admits that his ambitions are higher than the technology allows for at the moment, which is why they split it into more manageable chunks. Prologue is apparently one of them, although we're not exactly sure in which capacity. 

Greene mentioned that he dreams about creating large-scale worlds, with thousands of people playing, but there is a number of technical limitations to this dream. 

As for Prologue, there's really not much to go by - it's a scene of a forest, with the unsettlingly approaching sounds of dogs. The graphics quality of the scene, however, is certainly something to be excited for.

In one of his earlier interviews, Greene stressed that he's not making PUBG 2 and even suggested that he's done with killing . The frightened breathing and the rest of the soundscape from Prologue's trailer suggest there will be running involved, but the rest seems to be anyone's guess at this point. 

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