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Players can get Apex Legends Twitch Prime in-game rewards free

Published: 21:52, 20 February 2019
Respawn Entertainment
Picture of the Twitch Prime rewards in Apex Legends
Apex Legends - Twitch Prime rewards

Apex Legends players figured out a way to get the Twitch Prime bundle rewards for free and it is currently unknown how EA will handle the issue. It is both a kick in the shins for subscribers and a possible problem if ban hammer happens.

Apex Legends workaround to claim the Twitch Prime rewards for free is not some epic hack or anything of the sort, but rather an exploitation of EA and/or Respawn's lazy implementation of the way to redeem the rewards. You simply need to open Origin, find Apex Legends in your library, right-click the icon, choose Properties and switch to the Advanced Launch Options tab.

Doing this will present you with two options, the first one being to choose the language in which you want Apex Legends to start. Ignore that and focus on the command line arguments. Type "+twitch_prime_linked 1" into the line and the next time you start Apex Legends, you will be greeted with five loot boxes and an exclusive skin for Pathfinder.

It is currently unknown whether Twitch, EA or Respawn will go after the players who add the content to their account without linking their Twitch account to EA one or without subscribing to Twitch Prime. Therefore, add the loot boxes and the skin at your own risk.

On the other hand, should EA, Twitch or Respawn Entertainment decide to ban the accounts of those who added this content, they would earn major ire from the community as this is not a hack, no one is using a third-party program or doing anything that is usually forbidden in any game. This is a case of lazy implementation that the community caught wind of. In other words, the problem originates on EA and Respawn's end so it would be unfair to ban people for taking advantage of it with no advance warning.

Respawn Entertainment Picture of Pathfinder from Apex Legends Apex Legends - Pathfinder

If you want to ensure your account's safety from potential bans, we would still advise you to stay away from the command line or simply subscribe to Twitch Prime and get the loot the old fashioned way. While we are aware banning users for taking advantage of this situation would be anti-consumer, it is not like companies didn't pull such stunts before.

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