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Players are disappointed with Battlefield 2042

Published: 15:39, 15 November 2021
Battlefield 2042 user scores are abysmal
Battlefield 2042 user scores are abysmal

Battlefield 2042 seems to be a major step back in many aspects when compared to previous Battlefield games.

Two months ago, when we got to play Battlefield 2042 beta, we said it would be smart to delay the game for an extra month or two, to properly optimise the game and introduce much-needed gameplay improvements and features. 

Fast forward to today, Battlefield 2042 has officially launched for those who have Premium editions, and it's not received well by the Battlefield community. Over on Metacritic, the game has abysmal review scores from users on all three platforms (PC, PS5 and XSX|S).

At the moment, the user score is lowest on Xbox Series X|S versions of the game on 2.6, PC is 2.7, while the PlayStation 5 score is a bit better, sitting at 4.3 out of 10. 

But that's not where the criticism ends. Over on Reddit and other social media platforms, players have been pretty vocal with their concerns and criticism. 

Generally, the Battlefield community is unhappy with the game's unintuitive UI design, random bullet deviation, lack of combat flow on maps, technical issues, sound design and lack of destruction. 

In an open letter to DICE, Redditor TwistedConsciousness have listed some of the biggest issues that Battlefield 2042 currently has.

"You made a game that looks like it had a completely different direction. Your map design overall is awful. The movement compared to the past two titles is abysmal. I simply can not understand. No one can understand," Redditor wrote.

Others added that the game lacks true identity and soul, which is something that we can agree with. It does look like Battlefield 2042 developers have tried to come up with one kind of game but had to change the direction during the development, which ultimately resulted in a title that tries to do many things but ultimately fails at all of them.

Battlefield 2042 may have potential but that potential will almost certainly go to waste if DICE and EA don't start listening to the Battlefield community. While some comments from players do seem harsh, DICE should wholeheartedly embrace the constructive criticism, if they want to make Battlefield 2042 a memorable Battlefield title. 

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