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Planet Coaster's summer update is available now

Published: 15:40, 27 June 2017
Frontier Developments
Planet Coaster

Frontier Developments launched a free update for their Planet Coaster today. The summer update, among other things, brings fireworks and painted wooden coasters.

Did I mention? It's also free. The Summer Update is the third major expansion to hit the simulated world of Planet Coaster. Its predecessor was a Spring Update in April. Before that one, we had the Winter Update in December. Each season seems to have brought a new creative, management and sharing opportunities for Planet Coaster players.

The summer update this year is all about the 04 July, it seems. Independence day. The 90's movie. Jeff Goldblum, Will Smith, aliens..Now serious, there are fireworks, new video and image scenery, a new Flatride Sequencer and Painted Wooden Coasters.

Frontier Developments Planet Coaster Planet Coaster

Here's what the press release had to say about each of those:

Fireworks - "an explosive new way to customise parks in Planet Coaster’s Summer Update. Celebrate the Fourth of July, New Year, Bonfire Night or any other occasion with the most detailed fireworks simulation ever created for a videogame. Design epic firework displays with the new Display Sequencer, trigger them alongside other park events, and even choreograph them to custom music! Create the ultimate sky-high summer spectacle, or download the most explosive displays from the Planet Coaster community."

Frontier Developments Planet Coaster Planet Coaster

New Video and Image Scenery - "unlocks the ultimate in creative customization for Planet Coaster players. Fully customisable wall panels and screens let players place their own images and video into Planet Coaster and create parks unlike any other."

The new Flatride Sequencer and Painted Wooden Coasters - "Take total control over your favourite rides, and give your wooden coasters a whole new look with a lick of paint".

Frontier Developments Planet Coaster Planet Coaster

Other features the update brings include "more flatrides, new coasters, new scenarios, custom biomes and the Stars and Stripes scenery pack, alongside a host of game fixes and quality-of-life improvements".

launched this free update today.

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