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Planet Coaster free spring update

Published: 16:20, 13 March 2017
Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster gets a free update next month, but it's not all fun and games

Next month will see a free update come to Planet Coaster. The update will contain three new rollercoasters, customizable flatrides and a speed go-kart ride. It will also bring some park ruffians looking to put a damper on all the fun.

New rollercoasters include the Steel Hydra - the first suspended coaster; Trident and Bakasura - two shuttle coasters.

YouTube Planet Coaster YouTube Planet Coaster

Tracked Ride: customisable 'Speed' Go Karts.

Flatrides: Elixir - a 360 degree ride; Big Wheel and ZoZo - the two classics.

Latest feature is the crime and security where guests destroy the park and thieves steal wallets, but it can be managed with security staff and CCTV cameras.

Spring update launches on 11 April.

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