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Elite: Dangerous Horizons 2.3 update is now live on PC and Xbox One

Published: 17:02, 11 April 2017
Elite: Dangerous - PS4 awaits

Elite: Dangerous just got updated with long awaited co-op features and avatar customisation. On top of that, the patch notes speak of new and hidden "mystery features". More alien life for Elite?

The latest update for Elite: Dangerous titled Horizons 2.3 - The Commanders is now live for PC and Xbox one players, while the space simulation game is set to arrive on PlayStation 4 sometime in the coming 3 months.

The update adds a long awaited Multi-crew co-op feature, enabling players to engage in space adventures filling either captain, gunner or fighter escort roles, depending on the number of available seats on the ships they command. A newly added Holo-Me feature allows for avatar customisation in combination with the Multi-crew functionality. A lot of small fixes and updates have also been added to further streamline the new functionality that came with the update.

Frontier Elite: Dangerous - Holo-Me custom avatars Elite: Dangerous - Holo-Me custom avatars

Listed under general changes, the patch notes also include these two nuggets:

• New mysterious things added

• New organics added to surfaces

What this might mean is anyone's best guess, but the assumption is that players should find out for themselves.

Frontier Elite: Dangerous Elite: Dangerous

All of the changes mentioned above are reserved for holders of the Horizons season pass for the game. Puny season-pass-less mortals will have to be happy with the base game being updated to version 1.8. This includes the option of naming your own ship with a special system in place which should resolve problems such as players naming their ship ZOMG-Flappy-Buttock-Figther and other similarly creative ideas.

The patch notes are a lengthy read and Frontier Developments definitely haven't been idle since the last update. You can have a look at the full ist of changes on the .

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