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Phoenix Point is raking in $100K monthly and it hasn't even launched

Published: 17:32, 05 April 2018
Snapshot Games
Screenshot from Phoenix Point showing three soldiers in heavy armour. One of them is carrying a severed alien head.
Phoenix Point

You'd be forgiven for thinking that racking up hundred grand monthly on pre-orders of Phoenix Point would be enough to make the developer, Snapshot Games, rest on their laurels. Apparently though, it only strengthened their resolve.

Phoenix Point is enjoying a stellar start to its career, before even launching properly. The game's Kickstarter campaign overshot its $500 thousand goal by more than 50 per cent.

Now, Snapshot co-founder David Kaye revealed that the game is making $100 grand monthly, just on pre-orders. Having experienced the fickle nature of gaming crowds however, Kaye is aware this can change in an instant.

Snapshot Games Screenshot from Phoenix Point displaying a terrifying spider-human hybrid creature. Phoenix Point - How fast can they run on two legs?

Speaking to , Kaye said that today's gaming market is more competitive than ever and that there are numerous services that launch and give games away if not free, then dirt cheap. He thinks this goes to show that gaming companies should not take anything for granted, which is exactly what Snapshot is wary of.

Kaye said that Snapshot Games have been more active on Facebook than most, which played a huge role in reaching their target demographics. There was a time, Kaye said, when marketing campaigns would've cost a giant arm and a leg, but today's Facebook tools blow them way out of the water. 

With another Snapshot Games' co-founder being Julian Gollop, the man behind the XCOM franchise, it's no wonder Phoenix Point is often referred to as its rightful, spiritual successor. However, Kaye expressed concern on being compared to XCOM, seeing as how Snapshot is a smaller team with a lower budget.

Snapshot Games Phoenix Point screenshot of a crab-human alien hybrid that looks like a drug dealer asking the player's soldier if they want some alien weed. Phoenix Point - Crab-like enemies might have a shield they can deploy or have a crab shell on their back.

Nevertheless, Kaye said that Snapshot Games are in it for the long haul with Phoenix Point. Seeing as how the game already has four ebooks, there's no reason to think otherwise. "Excuse me for using the word franchise, but that's how we see it", Kaye added.

Asked whether Phoenix Point will visit platforms other than PC, Kaye was intentionally vague, most likely due to the game's backers preferring that the game stayed away from consoles. However, Kaye did say that they'd love a crack at a Switch version.

Snapshot Games' Phoenix Point is slated for launch sometime in the fourth quarter of 2018.

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