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Phoenix Point has been delayed until the next year

Published: 11:55, 15 May 2018
Snapshot Games
Big explosions are happening as Phoenix Point operatives fight a giant spider monster
Phoenix Point

Phoenix Point has started as a humble crowdfunded project back in 2017 but it has grown and garnered more and more attention over time. This resulted in Julian Gollop's vision for the game broadening, which meant a longer development cycle.

Higher press coverage and growing pre-order revenue resulted in Snapshot Games' team growing which opened door to more possibilities and more ideas sprouted in Gollop's mind. This newfound potential could not be realised in the time if the game were to be released in late 2018 so a decision was made to postpone the release until June 2019.

Gollop also mentioned that the quality of the game's production can be higher due to Snapshot's increased resources now, such as the studio growing to 35 developers, and he admitted the development "has been a slower process" than he wanted, but he feels that the game need the best talent he could find. There have also been offers of help from other studios around the world. 

Now the delay will not affect the backers as much, since Snapshot will be putting out a new backer build at least once every two months. Gollop finished his statement by saying that he hopes the fans will support their decision and then proceeded to thank everyone for the support so far.

Well, judging by the comments on Phoenix Point's blog and YouTube video above, fans are indeed supporting the decision. This is in fact something that gamers have been calling for for over a decade now - finished products that may take a while longer to develop, instead of unfinished bug fests that get thrown into store shelves as soon as possible in order to grab all the money they can. 

Snapshot Games Screenshot from Phoenix Point showing three soldiers in heavy armour. One of them is carrying a severed alien head. Phoenix Point

The long awaited Mac and Linux builds will be available soon, with the backer build v1.2 that also addresses many bug fixes and quality of life changes. Gollop has warned backers that the server may come under heavy load during the downloading process so they may have to wait it out until the server gets stabilised. Full statement and backer build v1.2 notes can be found .

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