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Phantom Doctrine gets a new story trailer ahead of E3

Published: 06:42, 09 June 2018
CreativeForge Games
Some spy person is aiming their weapon at other people
Phantom Doctrine

Good Shepherd Entertainment and CreativeForge Games have unveiled a story trailer for their upcoming turn-based tactics game Phantom Doctrine. The trailer landed just before E3 to spark the hype as the game is set to release in summer 2018.

Phantom Doctrine was already confirmed for PC but the announcement that came with the story trailer today also confirmed it's coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The trailer itself is thankfully rich with gameplay and looks a lot like an XCOM game set in 1980s with a global conspiracy undertone instead of an alien invasion.

The players will take control of an organisation called The Cabal, which is a clandestine unit that's trying to tackle a global conspiracy called The Beholder Initiative through which a secret group of influential people seek to take control of the world.

According to the trailer and the released screenshots, Phantom Doctrine will have all the markings of the "hush hush" movies and media featuring the '80s, such as photograph darkroom, planning board filled with stickers, redacted documents and of course, the Cold War.

The official Steam store page claims the campaign will feature 40+ hours of gameplay, which will be later topped of by multiplayer that has probably the best I've seen on Steam so far. Apparently playing Phantom Doctrine's multiplayer is a surefire way to lose friends and make enemies due to its devious and ruthless nature.

Players will be presented with a choice on how they want to do each mission - guns blazing with heavy weapons or a more subtle approach with silent, but less effective firearms. Both ways definitely fit into the '80s approach, but less Rambo and more Mission Impossible definitely seems to be the more enticing approach.

CreativeForge Games Isometric picture of some streets at night in Phantom Doctrine Phantom Doctrine

There is currently no firm release date for Phantom Doctrine, but the summer 2018 release window somewhat narrows it down. It is also good news for any turn based tactics fans, since Phoenix Point has been delayed not too long ago.

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